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Новость 05.07.2013

Добавлено 20 живых обоев для Androd (Yellow Flowers, Native American 3D, My Log Home, Galaxy S4 Lily, Galaxy S4 Leaf Animated, Galaxy S4 Blue, Aqua iOS7, Forest HD, Mini Style, Current Berries, Summer Leaves, Wise Monkey, Blue Flowers, Nature,Xperia Nature, Oriental Garden 3D, Red Orchid, Nature Pro HD, Galaxy S4 White Pebble, Xperia Z Blue Orchid, Xperia Z Blu

Новость 16.06.2013

Добавлено 35 игр для Android (Pocket Dragons, NarcoGuerra, Grub Guardian, Age Of Darkness, HeroesLAND Tactics, Hexus, Stickman Tennis, Trucker Parking 3D, First Person Tennis, RPG Infinite Dunamis, Ultra Moto 3D, Monster Truck Fancy Racing, Doom Buggy, Car Race, Ребусомания, Fester Mudd: Episode 1, Evil In Trouble, Transformers Legends, Tank 90, Nimble Quest, Sky Without Sun: Target, Shopping Cart Defense, H

Новость 11.06.2013

Добавлено 20 игр для Android (Metal Force, Men's Room Mayhem, Ivick Von Salza, Heavy sword, Gerbil Physics, Dig!, Combo Crew, Chicken Raid, Burst - Bumper Cars, Attack Of The Wall St.Titan, Ultimate Stick Fight, Naughty Kitties, iFighter 2: The Pacific 1942, 3D City Run 2, WWII Tanks Online, Subs vs Ships 3D, Anger Sniper, Team Dragon, War 2 Victory, Tower of Saviors, The Pocket World)

Новость 03.06.2013

Добавлено 28 описаний Android-смартфонов:
5 моделей Sony (Sony Xperia Tipo Dual, Sony Xperia U, Sony Xperia Z, Sony Xperia V ,Sony Xperia Ion),
12 моделей Samsung (Samsung Galaxy Beam GT-I8530, Samsung Galaxy Beam GT-I8520, Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500, Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos,Samsung Galaxy Mini 2, Samsung Galaxy Music, Samsung Galaxy Xcover, Samsung Galaxy Mini, Samsung Galaxy Y , Samsung Galaxy Pocket DUOS ,Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos)

Новость 01.06.2013

Добавлено 72 описания Android-смартфонов:
15 моделей Huawei (Huawei U9000 Ideos X6, U8950 Honor Pro, Huawei U8850 Vision, Huawei U8800 Ideos X5, Huawei U8666E Ascend Y201 Pro, Huawei U8815, Huawei U8650 Sonic, Huawei U8655 Ascend Y200, Huawei U8510 Ideos X3, Huawei U8500, Huawei U8230, Huawei U8160, Huawei U8150 Ideos, Huawei U8180 Ideos X1, Huawei U9510E Ascend D1 Quad XL)

Новость 27.05.2013

Добавлено для 34 игры для Android (TRex Hunt, Crashsite Defense, Reign Legend of Godric, Going Going Gone, Santa Smasher, Tadeo Jones: Train Crisis, The Jewels Dash, Bird Blast, Fruit Shoot, Survival Race, Moto Race, Happy Truck, Train Of Gold Rush, Sudoku 10000, Pipe Bomber Max, Glass Tower 3+, Cut The Rope, Laser Defense HD, Anthill, Town Maker, 2020 My Country, Machine Knight, Мафия, Hidden Garden, Hotel Story,

Новость 21.05.2013

Добавлено 33 программы для Android (Pigeon - Email Client, Hangouts, DuckDuckGo Search,Sketch Guru,Motion Detector,Comodo Battery Saver,Air File BrowserColor,   Touch Effects, TouchRetouch, Photo Grid HD, Beauty Studio, Как рисовать, Autodesk SketchBook Mobile, Sketch n Draw, Pixelesque, Paint, Infinite Design, Funny Dots - Animals, Funny Dots – Shapes, Funny Dots - Girls

Новость 13.05.2013

Добавлено 28 приложений для Android (Simple Unrar, RAM Control eXtreme, Fast File Manager, ER Explorer, ClipNote, Arc File Manager, Все Дела, Amber Money,
Tupaco, Stocktile, Money Manager Ex, Fake Call & SMS & Call Logs, BathingCat, Mango Tunes Music Player, Battery Booster, Тургид по Тайланду, Здоровое питание,